I collected and edited a lot of making of material over the course of production so I decided to design and print a little art book afterwards for everyone involved in the making of the film.
Story: Maraike Krämer, Susanna Orincsay
Animation: Alexandra Lermer, Maraike Krämer, Susanna Orincsay
Character Design: Alexandra Lermer
Concept Art: Alexandra Lermer
Storyboard: Damian Thüring
Puppet Building: Susanna Orincsay, Alexander Dannhauser
Costume: Katrin Mader
Model Making: Alexandra Lermer, Susanna Orincsay
Compositing & Editing: Maraike Krämer, Alexandra Lermer, Susanna Orincsay
Sound Design: Maraike Krämer
Music: Fabian Wilts

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