I designed and built the puppet for the film. The head is removable. I also made a few extra pairs of separate arms and legs so we didn't have to use the whole puppet for each shot.
Materials used: aluminium wire, wool, foam, felt, plush fabric painted with liquid latex and acrylic paint to look old, claws are made from plastic straws, horns, nose and eyes sculpted with clay.
We made three sets: one inside the cage, one outside and a miniature scale one. I built and painted everything pictured in these and the following photos except for the circus cage curtains, cage bars, laser-cut wheels and clay lightbulbs.
Materials used: styrodur, balsa wood, cardboard, clay, paper, foam rubber, wire, liquid latex, fake leather, cotton, coffee for dirt. The outside shapes of the cage are laser-cut.
Miniature props for the background. I made these very quickly since they're mainly just a basis for the digital edit later on. Made mainly with paper, cardboard, wire and papier-mâché. The little flag can be animated to fly around in the wind.
Story: Alexandra Lermer, Elisabeth Stein
Animation: Alexandra Lermer, Elisabeth Stein
Character Design: Alexandra Lermer
Concept Art: Alexandra Lermer
Storyboard: Alexandra Lermer, Elisabeth Stein
Puppet & Set Fabrication: Alexandra Lermer
Prop Making: Alexandra Lermer, Elisabeth Stein
Compositing & Editing: Alexandra Lermer
Sound Design: Nicole Pietruschka
Music: Johannes Lang

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