For "Die Biester" I made the individual silicone scales that were later put on the creature's back. I used two component silicone and colour pigments to cast them and afterwards I painted them with silicone paint to create a sort of patina look.
I sculpted and painted the different stages of the fruit the creature is trying to protect from the slugs using polymer clay.

"Die Biester“ ©TRIKK17, Regie: Sandra Schießl, 2017

"Rolfs neue Vogelhochzeit" (ZDF/KiKA)

For "Rolfs neue Vogelhochzeit" I carved and later dyed and painted foam bodies for four of the characters. I made two identical bodies for each one, replicating the plasticine models designed and sculpted by Sandra Schießl. My favourite one to work on was definitely Ronnie, the long orange bird. I also made the bodies and wings for the little blue bird twins and the main character with the red belly. 
Other things I contributed were a bunch of little legs using wire and liquid latex, fruits and berries sculpted with polymer clay and what feels like thousands of pupils using black pigment and epoxy.
We did a lot of experiments for this, trying different types of materials and colours. I also learned how to make two piece plaster moulds to later cast silicone eyelids for each character as all their eyes were shaped differently.

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